3 Ways You Can Help Clean The Ocean From Home

Here are simple ways how to clean the ocean from your home or laptop.

Here's how everyone can help clean the ocean using only their computer or laptop!

By Felix Millar (Co-founder at OCG)

Did you know that more than 80 million tons of plastic waste is thrown into the ocean?

And that more than 100 million marine animals die because they either eat the plastic or get caught in it?

That doesn’t include the damage caused by chemical waste or the destruction of habitats.

You can do something right now!

Here are 3 simple ways how to clean the ocean from your home or laptop.


1. Use the OCG search engine

Every time you surf, you help save the sea! All you have to do is go to the The Ocean Clean Up Group (OCG) website, ocg.org, and use it as a search engine.

The service is completely free, but it will display relevant ads for your search terms. But you won’t mind the ads—especially since 100% of advertising revenue goes training and hiring local clean-up crews  from the most badly affected areas by plastic pollution.

Here’s what we love about OCG’s business model for how to clean the ocean from your home or laptop:

  • You don’t have to buy anything. Many ocean fundraising activities involve buying things, such as bracelets or T-shirts, which ironically contributes to consumer waste. OCG provides a service, which you would probably use anyway.
  • It’s a safe, secure search. OCG is a Google Chrome search engine extension. It does not save or use your data, and the ads won’t be intrusive in any way.
  • You make a concrete difference. For every two Internet searches you make, you retrieve one plastic bag from the ocean. So even without leaving your chair, you can make a difference in the world.   

2. Sign or start a petition

Does your city or country have laws about proper waste disposal, policies that limit single-use plastic waste, or enough facilities for recycling?

Step up and be heard. Research on what your community is doing, and either start or sign a petition through platforms like change.org

3. Organize a clean-up

Be inspired by OCG! While their ocean clean-ups are currently focused on Southeast Asia, you can make a difference in your area.

Coordinate with your local community leaders to organize an ocean clean-up. Use social media to spread the word.

These are just some ways how to clean the ocean from your home or laptop. Anyone and everyone can make a difference—wherever, whenever and whoever you are