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Frequently Asked Questions

Switching is easy! The best way to use OCG is through the Google Chrome browser.

The OCG search engine has a Chrome extension in the Chrome Store 

Install the free extension and it’ll automatically change your default search engine to OCG. 

Click here to install the free Chrome extension

By using the OCG search engine, you’re directly helping clean the ocean, here’s how.

When you choose to do a web search, you’ll typically see adverts at the top of your search results. Advertisers pay in order to show these ads. If a particular advert appeals to someone and they choose to click on it, OCG receives a payment. 

100% of advertising revenue is then used to clean the ocean. We don’t keep any of the revenue and our founders don’t take any income from OCG. 

We only hire locally in areas that have been impacted badly by plastic pollution.  We train and educate our own cleanup crews. By educating and raising awareness of the impact of plastic pollution among our large cleanup crews, it then creates a ripple effect in these communities. 

Other search engines may claim to clean the ocean, but the reality is that only a very small portion of the revenue are actually being spent on cleaning the ocean. 

Both search engines work identically, however, the Oceanhero company does not clean the ocean. Instead they donate a percentage to another organization who recycles plastic bottles. By the time this donation passes through management and other expenses, the sad reality is that very little from that donation  is left for cleaning the ocean. 

OCG cleans the ocean directly. We hire and operate our own cleanup crews and 100% of revenue goes towards cleaning the ocean.

You can either call us on (855) 823-1572 or email us at

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