300,000 pounds of plastic removed!

The search engine that cleans the ocean.

Just like your regular search engine, ocg lets you browse the internet, with one difference: we use our profits to clean the ocean.


Key features


With ocg.org, your searches save the ocean. 100% of our profit goes towards cleanup operations.

Privacy first

Unlike other search engines, we don’t track, collect or share any information about you.


We publish monthly reports on our cleanup operations, revenue and company progress.


Plastic is destroying
our planet

8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. That plastic doesn’t decompose. It breaks down into smaller pieces called microplastics.

These microplastics often end up in the flesh of fish eaten by us, causing damage to both marine life and humans!

2 searches, 1 plastic bag

Our crew remove one plastic bag for every 2 searches you make.

We've removed over 300,000 pounds so far.

We've been featured in Forbes

The latest operations

Our daily cleanup operations happening thoughout South East Asia. Powered by our OCG search engine!

Our projects with animal conservation organizations. We’re always looking for new ways in which we can benefit marine life.

We empower smaller cleanup projects and hire locally. Providing communities with the tools and education.

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