The only ocean search engine that directly cleans the ocean.

You search the web, we clean the ocean. Get started today!

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Ocean Search Engine by OCG

100% of ocean search engine profits are used to clean the ocean, directly.

OCG works the same as every other search engine but instead of keeping profits, we use 100% of the advertising revenue to clean the ocean.

One plastic bag is recovered for every two searches.

On average, for every two web searches made through our ocean search engine, our very own cleanup teams are able to remove one plastic bag from the oceans and coastlines.

What our users say

“I love using OCG and tracking how many plastic bags I’ve helped remove from the ocean! Thanks for all that you do”

Jonah Schwarz

“Along with Ecosia, OCG is the one of my favourite search engines. I also follow their cleanups on instagram”

Erin Lawrence

“I have been using OCG for nearly a year now! I saw their advert on YouTube. It makes me feel great knowing I’m helping in my own way”

Teddy Park

Meet the team

At OCG, we’re extremely passionate about saving our oceans and marine life. 

There’s over 100 cleanup crew members across the globe!

Here’s our management:

Felix Millar
Felix Millar Azuelos
Business enquiries
Ocean Cleanup Group
Hien Nguyễn
Public relations
Fira Nadia

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OCG in Indonesia. How we're helping

Learn more about OCG Bali and how we’re making a difference in Indonesia, one of the world’s worst plastic polluters. 

Download royalty free OCG images

Our Unsplash account contains free HD images and wallpapers for you to use. Perfect for journalists and OCG  supporters.

450,000 pounds of plastic recovered so far

Thanks to our search engine users, we’ve been able to successfully recover and recycle over 450,000 pounds of ocean plastic.