How one $20 membership can make a big difference.

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  • 100% of proceeds from your membership goes directly into removing plastic from the ocean, in areas that need them most: Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
  • $20 a month means 10 pounds of plastic removed every month from the ocean and its coastlines. 
  • You receive regular updates with images and videos showing the plastic your membership directly helped remove. 
  • Your membership allows us to hire, empower, educate and train people from local communities.
  • While companies like 4ocean clean touristic beaches, we remove plastic from remote, hard to access locations where marine wildlife is suffering the most.
  • Our partnership with Turtle Conservation Centres means your membership also has an impact on the rescue and recovery of turtles injured from plastic waste.
  • This is more than a membership, you’re joining the Ocean Cleanup Group, having a say, and being part of the community. 

Get started now, feel empowered by giving to a cause that makes a direct impact.

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